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Roger the alien is having sex with Stan’s daughter, Haley Smith.

American Dad Hentai

Here is a very unique sort of American Dad in shape of porn anime! Curvy slut from and tv-show is hopping ;) Here for you is a hot instance of a crazy licentious American Dad sex that are hammering an immature cartoon chick one in the pink!

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Stan Smith, is having sex with his daughter, Haley Smith, on Christmas.

American Dad Porn

Be particularly attentive because this drawn American Dad stuff brims with more suddenness than you think: well-hung dudes… Personages are way too naughty that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places non-stop and in every possible way ! American Dad hentai ladies are true pros at everything concerning sex and at slamming their pussies down on male jing-jangs, giving their partners and themselves loads of wet soaking jollies ;)

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Francine Smith is a hot milf who loves to be fucked hard by young big cock…

American Dad Hentai

American Dad Cartoon Sex

American Dad Porn

American Dad Hentai

Haley Smith loves to suck big fat black dick… and she loves to swallow cum all the time!
Francine Smith is a nasty slut mom that will do anything to make sure her son passes… and I mean anything!
Enjoy a nice pic of Hayley sliding a yellow vibrator into her pussy (whilst Klaus watches)!
Another sexy starlet from American Dad series got those perfect big boobs to bring to our view and she can never reject any male around ;) Sexy cum-loving piece is showing her skills in American Dad XXX riding with her ass on his cosmic high-standing penis as a warm-up and then getting pumped by this thick tool while lying on her back. girls are true pros at everything concerning sex and at getting loose with and on powerful cocks bringing both them and themselves.

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Just look at how Haley gives it to her mom with that dildo… and just look at how big their tits are – they arere huge!

American Dad Porn

American Dad Porn

American Dad Porn

Francine should be prepared for what’s coming next…
In this picture Meg Griffin is enjoying the feel of Haley Smith’s tongue on her shaved pussy shortly after pleasuring herself.
Extravagant American Dad scenes are up for grabs for you to enjoy! ;) Sex-starved sluts of toon and ready to do everything to make visitors satisfied ;) American Dad hentai bitches love to go hardcore with one another to bring the best drawn sex that you have ever seen! ;)

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Haley loves it when Roger fucks her because of she likes taking his incredibly long alien cock inside her until she orgasms.

American Dad Porn

There are some American Dad characters that just can’t hold an overwhelming will to fuck any more and get into wild hardcore fucking adventures!… Let’s get inspired by American Dad hentai gal who is getting her cunt hammered on the pavement when she was shopping a couple of minutes away… This batch of wild porn toon will give one more chance to and to drool over and all those fuck-crazed junkies enjoying themselves!!

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Haley looks hot supporting her cause “Down with Dildos. Up with Cocks!” With her tits out and with her tight jeans she looks ready to take part in that cause and take a good, hard fuck!

American Dad Hentai

The American Dad heroes are way too frivolous with nudity and foreplay that is there just for a start, and you can imagine what they do next. It’s time for special edition retold in erotic key her flat pierced stomach and gets her internal share of hot cum and for the first time ever getting filmed on cam! These American Dad hentai sluts are eager for some raw fuck – they gets shagged on the spot stick long, hard cocks in…

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Haley, horny as always, will take it from anyone, even Steve.

American Dad Porn

American Dad fellas start doing it again with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that never tire of their sexy pranks and for their scorching hot and indecent dreams ;) There are some heroes that cannot master their imperative desire to copulate and for another second get into wild hardcore fucking adventures!… How can you ever be tired of American Dad sex top-notch and Odysseys that always catch your breath turn your lustyM. Baby-Maker ;)

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Stan’s Last Mission Chapter 1

Chapter One. Two New Presidents.

San Smith walked into his office one day, feeling depressed. It was over. The Democrats had won. His beloved Republicans had been forced out by the very people they had tried to protect.

And now we enter a deadly age of sin. He muttered. I really hoped I wouldnt have to resort to this.

Stan withdrew his trusty pistol from the shoulder holster. Ahh, Gun. How many times have we been together? Shot people. Shot objects. Shot animals. But now I need you to do me a favour.

Stan placed the barrel of the gun in his mouth.

I should probably say goodbye to someone. He muttered. Someone who has meant so much to me since Ive known them. I know, how could I have forgotten you.

Stan took the gun out of this mouth, and put it on his desk. He then picked the phone up and started to dial a number.

At the Smith house, Francine was preparing some dinner for later that night.

So, Ive decided that you were the only thing keeping me going. Stan said over the phone. Goodbye.

Now, listen here. George W. Bush said, from the Bahamas. What kind of an attitude is that to take? Youre a Republican, Stan, and they dont give up. Not in the face of overwhelming adversity. Why do you think we are still in Iraq? Because we never give up. We are determined to finish a job no matter how much of mess we make in the process. Why do you think America is the greatest country in the world? Because its a country where a drunken rich kid can become president. And you know how I did that? By never giving up on my dreams. Even though I wanted to several times.

Stan was almost moved to tears. Thank you, Sir. You have inspired me to find a new purpose in life. Im not going to kill myself Continue reading

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American Sad – Chapter 1



“Unfair racism, prejudice and social intolerance.

“Thousands upon thousands of people starving to death and living in poverty.

“The world is a miserable, horrible place…

“But not if you eat Happy Cakes!

“When you eat Happy Cakes the world becomes a magical candyland and you forget all the horrors of real life! Happy Cakes, Happy Cakes, Happy Cakes!”

“Alright boys,” The CEO of Happy Cakes Industries turned off the commercial. “We’ve been running this commercial for months and sales haven’t increased one bit. And I think I know why.”

An employee butted in. “Um…maybe it’s because it’s too depressing? Why not a cartoon character or something?”

“Rob, you’re fired. The reason sales haven’t increased is because the commercial isn’t depressing enough. We need something to make the consumers believe that the world is horrible so our products will be an escape from reality. And I think I have the answer.

“We need not a depressing commercial, but a depressing TV show.

“I have connections with famed cartoonist Sean MacFurthine, creator of the acclaimed show ‘Fat Dumb Family Man’. He has agreed to help us by creating the most depressing, melancholy TV show ever created.

“The show’s name? ‘American Sad’. It is about a CIA agent named Stan who is also a family man. He lives with his wife, Francine, his son, Steve and his daughter, Hayley along with a talking goldfish and an alien. And the show is nothing but miserable and depressing occurences in their family li Continue reading

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