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Francine Smith is screaming out in pleasure as she rides Stan Smith’s hard dick in a backwards cowgirl position!

American Dad Hentai

American Dad Hentai

American Dad Porn

American Dad Porn

You can clearly see that Steve is either petrified or about cum in a few seconds
It’s Hayley’s first time with her father, and without her knowing of it Stan had planned to go all the way and blow it inside of her
Steve Smith is failing at 69ing with his busty sister
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Stan’s Last Mission Chapter 1

Chapter One. Two New Presidents.

San Smith walked into his office one day, feeling depressed. It was over. The Democrats had won. His beloved Republicans had been forced out by the very people they had tried to protect.

And now we enter a deadly age of sin. He muttered. I really hoped I wouldnt have to resort to this.

Stan withdrew his trusty pistol from the shoulder holster. Ahh, Gun. How many times have we been together? Shot people. Shot objects. Shot animals. But now I need you to do me a favour.

Stan placed the barrel of the gun in his mouth.

I should probably say goodbye to someone. He muttered. Someone who has meant so much to me since Ive known them. I know, how could I have forgotten you.

Stan took the gun out of this mouth, and put it on his desk. He then picked the phone up and started to dial a number.

At the Smith house, Francine was preparing some dinner for later that night.

So, Ive decided that you were the only thing keeping me going. Stan said over the phone. Goodbye.

Now, listen here. George W. Bush said, from the Bahamas. What kind of an attitude is that to take? Youre a Republican, Stan, and they dont give up. Not in the face of overwhelming adversity. Why do you think we are still in Iraq? Because we never give up. We are determined to finish a job no matter how much of mess we make in the process. Why do you think America is the greatest country in the world? Because its a country where a drunken rich kid can become president. And you know how I did that? By never giving up on my dreams. Even though I wanted to several times.

Stan was almost moved to tears. Thank you, Sir. You have inspired me to find a new purpose in life. Im not going to kill myself Continue reading

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American dad’s sex files: Stan’s Last Mission – Chapter 2

Chapter Two. Raging Bullock.

Stan yawned, as he got off the plane. His flight from West Virginia to Washington had been a short one, but he had still managed a bit of sleep. He hadnt fetched any luggage, due to his quick escape, and was quickly through the airport. Stan hailed a cab.

Where to my friend? The small Chinese cab driver asked.

The White House. And Id appreciate it if you got us there in one piece and didnt crash the car through the gates. That is the greatest building in America and we dont need extremists destroying its gates.

Sir, the America China war was nine years ago. I was in high school then, and had no political allegiance to either side. If anything I voted Democrat.

YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! Stan yelled, as he punched the cab driver on the back of the head repeatedly. When he stopped moving, Stan quickly got out, and hailed another cab.

The driver of the next one was Greek.

Excuse me sir, but what is wrong with that cab?

The driver is sleeping. Stan replied. Hes dead tired.

Stan started to chuckle at his joke.

The driver looked at him in confusion. Is he dead?

No. Stan replied indignantly. What would give you that idea?

Well, you say he dead tired, and then you start laughing.

Stan gave him a suspicious look, before the driver took off.

Stan quickly made it to the White House. He rang the buzzer on the gate.

Who is it?

Its Stan Smith. He replied. I need to see President Bullock.

Do you have an appointment?


Whats your name again?


Help!! Stan heard someone cry over the intercom. Shut up, American pig.

Whats go Continue reading

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Francine can’t help but ride her son Steve’s cock as she bounces up and down with pleasure from the ride that he gives her.

American Dad Nude

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francine and hayley getting ready to rape lois in the ass and pussy until she cries.

American Dad Cartoon Sex

Be on the alert because this toon American Dad stuff brims with more suddenness than you can possibly imagine: the most skilled meaty fellows! Let’s get inspired by American Dad porn chick that is getting hammeres on the roadside after making purchases just the other moment 😉 This post deals with only hottest personages of comic and gets them in all kinds of and perverse situations…

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See how naked Francine Smith gets fucked by alien in her american ass!

american dad sex

This very unusual episode of American Dad frenzy with the sexiest heroes of this toon get into various sex situation 😉 These Francine Smith pieces crave for after a bit ofcock-to-pussy kind of action -. I’ve often craved to catch a glimpse of American Dad hentai teens who are ever hungry for cocks above all…

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Here some pics of nude Hayley Smith riding on her american dad’s cock

american dad hentai

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Hot family orgy with Francine and Hayley

Be on your guard because of the collection of extra-sophisticated images is more practiced that you can imagine: the most divine, hottest, best drawn toons in one place. Glaum at the sexy hickey Francine Smith getting swung with her unexceptionable paddywhack paps splashed with hot fish yoghurt and her twin size Joey which is prolonged and crawled and curd of. American sex boys might appear innocent, but make sure you peek their private life 😉

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Roger’s people make an orgy! American Dad XXX Hentai scene!

I’m back again to continue working. Lustful American Dad actors go getting wild sex action when their tiresome filming work is finished… The aroused manmeat feels so honey for Roger and after cock sucking she spreads her ass and takes manmeat as deep as possible in her slick narrow backdoor.

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Francine’s red red pussy rose ;)

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