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Horny Hayley is ready to use her new christmas gift – a gigantic dildo with a bow on it!

American Dad Cartoon Sex

American Dad Porn

American Dad Cartoon Sex

Francine Smith Cartoon Sex

Looks like Stan can finally spend time with his daughter and have some fun together
Francine is sucking Glen’s cock until he busts in her mouth – what a day on the beach!
Francine Smith is a scorching mommy who enjoys to be ravaged rock hard by youthful large rock hard-on
This post features only teen characters from American Dad drawn stuff and gets them in all kinds of bizarre scenes. personages ae here anew and with whole new pics of sex images and that will make your dick! A hottie from a world’s known American Dad sex tv-show being caught between a couple of massive pussy-diggers that spray her pretty face with hot sperm 😉

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It’s Christmas time and all Hayley’s thinking about is Santa Claus’ fat juicy dick as the gift she wants!

American Dad Cartoon Sex

American Dad Cartoon Sex

Francine Smith Hentai

Francine is lonely when Stan is on missions, so she decides to reconnect with Steve in the tub…
Sexy MILF Francine Smith takes advantage of her nerdy son’s morning wood and waking him up at the same time… killing two birds with one stone!
It’s high time to plug this bosomy American Dad slut featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a sexually eager slit. I’ve often craved to enjoy seeing the American Dad XXX bitches who enjoy fucking above all 😉 It’s time to fill up this well-endowed and slut 😉

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Now With 50 Percent More Family Conflict – Chapter 1

Now With 50% More Family Conflict
As Stan Smith once said, A man kills what a man loves, before it weakens him. Aliens arent exempt from that rule either, especially not those torn between two of them. Roger/Smith het. Significant spoilers for subplot of The Magnificent Steven.

First for some warnings: medium-to-strong language, hard drug references, a section of non-con, slight clich™ use, and not-quite-explicit sexual content with a dash of belly button fetishism and food play. Still, apart from the last two or three its really no more explicit than the show itself tends to get.

Now for the notes. Firstly, this is my first attempt at American Dad fic (cross-posted from an LJ community), so constructive criticism is welcomed, particularly regarding whether I get them IC or not. Secondly, this story encompasses about a week (a day per section) twice-to-three-times longer a time period than the episode spans. If you have a problem with this, just call it an AU; if you dont, just call it an AU anyhow. Or dont. Im not fussed, and the time continuity in the show is a little loose anyways, given that most episodes are self-contained.

Disclaimer: I wouldnt want to remove the American Dad franchise from such a prestigious guy; between you and me, MacFarlane is a bit of a bruiser.


Day 1

It shouldnt even be her: thats what gets Roger the most. Sure, the cashier at Booze Town Liquor might be a little uglier than he expected up so close, but how is he to know th Continue reading

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American hentai: Straying from the Flock – Chapter 1

Hiya readers,

This is my first journey into the world of American Dad!, and apparently the first drama in the category. Hope it goes well!

Come in

Cheryl Stevens, the head psychologist at Clearview Psychiatric Ward, recognized the shy knock on her office door. That type could only mean one thing to the seasoned employee: a new patient. She returned to her paperwork briefly, waiting for her visitor to enter. Finally, the door creaked open slightly and a head poked through the doorframe.

Is this, uh, Room 204?

Yes it is, the woman smiled. Please sit down. Ill be right with you Cheryl affixed her signature to a last form before looking closely at her patient. She was young; late teens, early twenties. She wore jeans, a large white and yellow belt, a dark gray sleeveless T-shirt, green sandals, and a peace medallion. The girl played nervously with her long black hair, underneath it was a green bandana with pink flowers. The woman frowned further, noticing the arrival didnt look as healthy as she should, with her weary face and bruised body. Cheryl got up from her desk and sat down next to the girl.

Hello, Im Cheryl you must be Hayley, right?

Uh, yeah, she said nervously. Look, theres, uh, some mistake I really shouldnt be here, its not like Im sick or anything

Hayley, its perfectly fine to get help for anything thats affecting your health. Youre not in an insane asylum.

I I guess. Ive just read terrible things about

Weve come along way, Hayley, Continue reading

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American dad hentai: Terror at Home Chapter 1


CIA office – Daytime

is at work and we find him and his friends looking at a magazine.


she is fellas, the hottest thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.

see a photo of a weapon in the magazine


nerdinator 5000. It can destroy a magnetic pulsory system in less
that 12 parsecs. And it will help you understand what that even

friends are impressed by the weapon.

boss arrives and they quickly try to hide the magazine.


morning gentleman. What’s that you’ve got there. Why, is that the new
issue of Shock and Awe-some? Let me see that!

and Friends



now, you know this magazine is for grown ups only.


we were reading it for the articles!


you were. Um, Stan, can I see you in my office real quick?


Stan’s in trouble!

guys all laugh at Stan.


am not!



sticks his tongue out at his friends as he walks away. He and Mr.
Bullock enter an office.

office – moments later

Bu Continue reading

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