American Dad sex story part 2: Unalienable Rights Chapter 3

. Don’t you have a heart ? Why can’t you spare
him ? He hasn’t done anything to you, except save your life .Bullock thought about this for a few
seconds . He did, in fact, owe the creature his life . What if it
hadn’t saved him ? He’d surely be dead . But on the other hand, he’d
been hunting for it for years . What to do ?Deputy Director Bullock, won’t you
please come in for dinner ? Francine had prepared a delicious meal;
she didn’t want it to go to waste .Of course, Francine . And while I’m
eating, I’ll ponder on what to do about your husband .They all went inside . Francine had
prepared a gorgeous ham, glazed to perfection .Francine, that looks scrumptious,
Bullock said .Why thank you, Deputy Director
Bullock .Please, Francine, call me Avery .All right, Avery . I hope you enjoy
your meal . Francine served Bullock first, then Stan, then Hayley
and Steve . She went upstairs to give Roger some food, but he was
gone . …to be continued!

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