Unalienable Rights – Chapter 5

Roger! Francine screamed. Stan,
get up here!

What? What? I’m here? Stan had rushed
up the stairs. Are you alright, Francine? What’s wrong?


Oh no. That’s horrible. Stan
said, sarcastically. Francine slapped him across the face.

How dare you. You’re just like
Bullock. He saved your life. Do you remember that? Do you, Stan? And
now you don’t care when he’s missing. Francine was so upset that
she was whispering by the end.

Francine, come on. Come on,
Francine. I mean come on.

You got anything else to say?

Uh, let’s go look for him? Stan
said, unsurely.

That’s right. Now let’s move. Grab
some booze in case we need to trap him.

Stan did so. Then he said, Well, we
have to tell Bullock that we’re leaving. Otherwise he’d sent the
entire CIA after us. He’s not even sure whether or not he wants to
kill us.

Fine, Francine said. Do it,
then we’re leaving.

Stan rushed down the stairs almost as
quickly as he had up them. Bullock, Hayley, and Steve were sitting at
the table, eating the ham. Stan suddenly became very nervous. Bullock
had a look about him that scared Stan. What did he decide?

Smith. There you are. I have de

Director Bullock, Francine and I will be stepping out for a bit. What
should we leave as collateral so that you know we will return?

no nee

wedding ring? Okay here you go. He dropped his ring on the table
in front of Bullock and ran to meet Francine who was waiting o outside.

ring?! Stan Smith! How could you?

down. I’ll get it back. Would you rather be shot?

I’m not too sure if I would mind that.

it’ll be fine. I’ll get the ring back.

are so ignorant, Stan. Can’t you see that it’s not the ring I’m
really worried about?

I’ve never been good at taking hints. You know that. I’m sorry.

it’s fine. I’m sorry I overreacted. I’m just really worried about
Roger. He’s become like a son to me. An alcoholic, fat, lazy, alien

know, baby. He’s become like family to me too. Now let’s go find

got into their car and drove wherever they could think. The first
place they went was the power plant because Francine swore that she’d
seen something.

got out of the car and Francine immediately began yelling, Roger!
Where are you? Roger! Are you there? She yelled over and over
again, but got no response.

trend continued at several more places; the park, downtown, the movie
the dump, everywhere in Langley Falls. Each time, Francine’s heart
sunk a little more. By the end of the night, Francine was so
downhearted, that she didn’t want to look anymore.

got home at quarter past eleven. Once inside, Bullock stood up.
Hayley and Steve had been entertaining him while their parents were

handed Stan his ring then said, Smith, you never let me finish
what I was about to say. I was going to say that I’ve decided not to
kill you and your family. Or the alien. In fact, I’d like to thank
him. Where is it? I mean, he?

just the thing, Stan said. That whole time we were gone, we
were looking for him. He’s nowhere to be found. Even with my superior
CIA tracking skills, I couldn’t find him.

since I owe him my life now, we will go find him. Starting at
daybreak tomorrow. This time, I won’t miss that alien!

couldn’t help but laugh at the irony in this situation. Before,
Bullock was looking for Roger to kill him when he was mainly at her
house. And now when Bullock wanted to thank Roger, he was out in

why are you laughing? Stan asked.

no reason. She replied.

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