americandad Pornography Story: JUST BECAUSE WE CAN

americandad Pornography Story: JUST BECAUSE WE CAN


Its a beautiful morning in the Smith household, Francine is in the kitchen (where else is she usually?) Hayley is still in bed and Steve is excited about what Stan is about to tell the family (Yeah that will do)

Roger comes plodding down the stairs, hungover yet in a pleasant mood (for him anyway)

“My poker face my po poker face biatch” He sings aloud, thudding down into the living room.

“Dammit Roger” Stan growls, “I am in the middle of announcing some life changing and possibly shattering news”

Roger puts a hand on his large forehead and groans.

“What now Staniel?” He snorts. “Did Bullock screw hayley again?” “OH YES I JUST WENT THERE”

The family ignore the ailiens warped sentence and carry on..

“Francine I have news and you are not in here” “What is the meaning of this?” Stan questions.

The blonde comes out of the kitchen holding onto some plates.

“I was looking at my reflection in these dinner plates when it occured to me” She answered, “Stan, why dont we use plates as mirrors?”

-Awkward silence-

“Uh sure thing Mom whatever you say” Steve adds.

Hayley then interrupts by walking into the living room in her purple nightrobe with a guilty look on her face.

Roger claps and giggles.

“Little miss hayley kins got some last night” “OOOh dont tell me who, let me guess…” Roger puts his thinking face on.

Hayleys blushes then scowls at Roger.

“Why have I not said anything yet?” The talking german fish remarks. “I have been here zee whole time ja”

“ARGH Would you all shut up and let me SPEAK?” Stan growls yet again.

Everyone rolls their eyes and takes a seat on the couch.

Roger stumbles onto the carpet.

“Francine where are the peacan sandies?”, “I gotta hangover from hell and i need my comfort food to supress my awful boredom which is this bland existence”

“Well Roger, maybe if you didnt drink so much-” Hayley sighs.

“Hey woah, alcohol dosent cause hangovers okay?” Roger smartly replies. “Waking up does” He cries and runs into the kitchen to find his fave of all snacks.

Stan decides to keep talking until everyone paid him the attention he knew he deserved.

He placed both hands on his hips and stood infront of the couch like the proud republican blue suit wearing man of the house that he was.

“Attention family” “We have guests coming to stay”

“oh yay who?” Steve inquires

Stan scratches his head for a second. “Uh whats their last name again?”

“Stan why did you call us down here if you cannot even remember the last name of-“

“Francine not now Im thinking” Stan interuppted.

The family sigh.

“Thats right, they are the Griffin family from some unimportant place in Rhode island”

Steve and Hayley are filled with interest.

“And why are they staying with us?” The dark haired teenager asks.

“Because they are” “GOD hayley not everything needs a reason” Stan mutters.

“Well thats pretty stupid” Hayley retorts, arms folded.

“Yeah well so are the left wing liberal scum of society but your mother still feeds one of them” “Im talking about you hayley”

Hayley rolls her eyes “Gee dad I would never have guessed”

“Now now” Francine says. “I think that having another family in the house will be a nice change”

Stan wraps his arm around his wifes waist.

“That’s the spirit” “The family also has a housewife just like you” He cooes.

Francine beams, “Oh stan how thoughtful” “She can do all the stuff I dont do around the house”

“Which is pretty much everything” “Haha no only kidd… Not e

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