A new world and a distinct destiny
“CHRONO The Radical Dreamers”CHRONO: THE RADICAL Dreamers Edition” can be described as the “remaster” of “CHRONO.CROSS”.

This edition’s 3D model has been upgraded to HD and new artworks have been included, and all sorts of new features are now included. It also comes with the “RADICAL DREAMERS – Le Tresor Interdit” game and was the beginning of the tale.

CHRONO Cross is an RPG that transcends the boundaries of space and time, extending over two worlds that are interconnected.
Over 40 of the party’s members to interact with, characters and dimensions are bound to intertwine in this epic story about the planet itself.

New Features are included in the Remastered Edition
3D models are converted into HD
Illustrations of characters that are refined
Background music of higher quality
Turn enemy combat on or off
Background filter feature
Combat enhancements that simplify fighting
Function for auto-battle
It is possible to switch between HD and imitation pixels fonts
Change resolution of screen

RADICAL DREAMERS – Le Tresor Interdit –
“RADICAL Dreamers Le Tresor Interdit -” was first released in the year 1996 as an individual game and isn’t readily available to play since then. Players can experience the story that later served as the base for CHRONO Cross, in the form of an audio book. This alternate tale of the RADICAL Dreamers is told by three thieves: Serge, Kid, and Magil. The tale takes place in a parallel universe.

The user can switch between the old versions and the latest 3D-based models and illustrations.
You cannot toggle the background filter illustration, 3D model or background filter by themselves. The three filters can all be combined.

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