A Little to the Left Game Review

Then a bit further to the left (A little more). Stay on the road. You’re not going too far.
The game will be improved by adding sound and sound effects, as well as player feedback increased, and an final game with a properly concluded. Check back for a blog which will include more information. Thanks for playing the game!
The book A Little To the Left shows how everyday life is conducted by one who has to deal with the sense of being uncontrollable. To get rid of the overwhelming grip of their lives Clean changes, stacking, sorting and even micro-alignments can all be accomplished.
Click, drag and drop the item show its position. The items that are correctly placed are straightened and create less anxiety.
Concept: Anne Macmillan, Lukas Steinman
Illustration: Anne Macmillan
Programming: Lukas Steinman

Honest Review made by legend of korra hentai game

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