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Charon’s Staircase Game Review

In the 1970s, the totalitarian government was dubbed The Ministry ruled with an iron hand. The Ministry was guilty of a variety of criminal acts that were inhumane, or even sinister, but they are now trying to become a member within the European Union.

As an agent, you play the role of known as ‘Desmond’ sent from The Ministry who is tasked with removing and dismantling classified papers from documents from the Oack Grove estate, that expose the horrific events that happened during the past. Your journey, however, brings you to a shocking and horrific discovery – Project Alpha.

Find out the truth behind Project Alpha, and what The Ministry kept secret for many years
Survive a hellish nightmare and avoid the terrors that haunt Oack Grove
Find the answers to the puzzles and mysteries encountered during your quest
Discover a stunning and dark ambience inspired by the 1970s Central European era

Honest Review made by atomic heart ballerina hentai

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