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Hardspace Shipbreaker Game Review

Hello and welcome to LYNX we are the galaxy’s most important ship-salvaging company.
Across your career, you’ll enjoy the luxury of repaying your debt to us by purchasing salvaging rights on increasingly large and valuable ships. You can cut them open to extract maximum value!
Your equipment is equipped with the most recent LYNX technology. It is possible to create entry points as well as salvage valuable materials with your cutting tools and cut scrap metal from any angle, forming an entire million pieces. All while you think about your life. Take care not to die – it is highly unprofitable.
In order to be eligible for more lucrative jobs it is suggested to upgrade your safety gear as well as your tools and suit. The only thing you have to think about is the cost.
As of today the amount of your debt is:
99,999,999 Credits
Congratulations on your job!
You will live your everyday life as the blue-collar spaceship salvager
Disrupt and cut at will with a brand new physics simulation
Upgrade your tools and get new perks to take on harder contract
Be a part of the community.
Hardspace: Shipbreaker is available in early access versions. Join our Discord server to exchange ideas with us and the game’s developers.

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