The Legend of Heroes Trails from Zero Game Review

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Lloyd Bannings is back in the city he grew up in, after relocating with his older brother. He has joined an organization called the Crossbell Police Department. But, he is being assigned to an insignificant department that is known as”the Special Support Section, which performs odd jobs and helps the needy. But he and his new teammates slowly discover that their vibrant city hides a dark criminal underbelly…as well as a few shocking hidden secrets.
Discover Crossbell in this thrilling chapter from the renowned The Legend of Heroes series! The site of an ongoing territorial struggle between two nations, the Erebonian Empire and Republic of Calvard, Crossbell has developed to become a thriving city-state, and one of the continent’s top economically-driven centers.
After three years away from his hometown, Lloyd Bannings returns in order to follow his late brother’s footsteps , and become a member of an organization called the Crossbell Police Department. When he arrives, he discovers that the department has assigned him to the Special Support Section. This is the division that takes care of minor and odd requests. His new coworkers who include Elie MacDowell, the granddaughter of the city’s mayor Randy Orlando, a womanizing ex-soldier, and Tio Plato, a budding tech genius.
Lloyd and his fellow colleagues carry on their quest for a more livable city, despite the fact that their department is ridiculed by media. As time passes, they are confronted with the pervasive corruption infiltrating their community. They’re not aware of the extent to which the Shadows of Crossbell City reach…
Key Features
Crossbell is the place to visit! This iconic city-state will mark the beginning of a thrilling story in Trails the Universe. Discover a lush and rejuvenating game world that is teeming with adventures and secrets.
An enlightened strategy Combat system that is tactical is a result of rich and fun gameplay. Use your teamwork and powerful skills to defeat your enemies!
Your Town, Your Story The features such as High-Speed and Skip mode permit you to cater your gameplay game to your personal preferences. You can also enjoy battles quickly to focus on the narrative and happenings.

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